What 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Needs: Malakili

Star Wars

By Ryan Rigley

Seems like we here at MTV News aren't the only ones speculating about what to expect from the upcoming "Star Wars" trilogy. Last Wednesday, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, "Star Wars" fans were given the opportunity to give the "Star Trek Into Darkness" director (J. J. Abrams) a few suggestions of their own. Amongst these fans were Lando Calrissian himself (Billy Dee Williams) and the slightly misplaced, but ever-lovable Captain Kirk (William Shatner).

Sadly, most of the "Star Wars" suggestions given to Mr. Abrams were to make Princess Leia hook up with Chewbacca. While this might be...interesting... to see play out on the silver screen, we can't help but think that revisiting some of those memorable minor characters from the original trilogy would make "Star Wars VII" a masterpiece. Take Malakili for example, the heavy-set rancor keeper in the first act of "Return of the Jedi."


A human born on the planet Corellia, Malakili grew up with an expansive interest in wild animals and alien creatures of all shapes and sizes. In fact, he's so enthralled with them that in the year 32 BBY he decides to join the Circus Horrificus as a beast handler. Owned by Gargonn the Hutt, the Circus Horrificus travels from planet to planet showcasing its wide array of monstrous creatures; with Malakili eventually becoming the main attraction.

However, after a tragic incident on Nar Shadaa (in which a carnivorous Arqet breaks free of its restraints and slaughters a dozen innocent people), Malakili is sold into slavery working for the notorious crime lord Jabba the Hutt.


Malakili's knack for beast handling is inimitable. Not only does he successfully train Jabba the Hutt's rancor for battle, but he also develops a unique bond with the deadly creature; which eventually enables Malakili to ride the rancor. I mean, talk about trust. They even share meals together! If Malakili were to be included in "Star Wars VII," it would give us further insight into the vast world of dangerous alien creatures that the original trilogy was so sorely lacking.


Given Malakili's long history with Jabba the Hutt, it would make complete sense if he were to pop up in either the "Boba Fett" or "Young Han Solo" spin-off films; considering the fact that both of those characters deal heavily with the gross, overweight gangster. Alternatively, Malakili could turn up in a cameo role in "Star Wars VII."

According to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, Malakili escapes with Jabba's head cook after the sail barge explosion at the Sarlacc Pit. Together, the two of them found an eatery in Mos Eisley called the Crystal Moon Restaurant. Perhaps, the elderly Luke and Leia could stop by Crystal Moon for a quick bite to eat sometime during the next three "Star Wars" films.