Horror Anthology 'The ABCs Of Death' To Get A Sequel

ABCs of Death

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, but there are going to be two movies about "The ABCs of Death." A sequel to the creepy anthology is on the way, and filmmakers are promising a leaner and meaner set of horrors. You remember how this works: each director creates a short based on a theme related to a letter of the alphabet, and of course, death. Alex de la Iglesia ("The Last Circus"), Rodney Ascher ("Room 237"), and Academy Award-nominated animator Bill Plympton have already signed on to direct, plus there will be another competition to find the 26th filmmaker. The sequel is planned for a 2014 release, so you have plenty of time to break out your camera and get to work.

We're Officially Getting a 'Gremlins' Reboot

We brought you news earlier in the year about a potential reboot of Joe Dante's horror classic "Gremlins," and it looks like midnight is approaching faster than we thought. Warner Bros. is moving ahead with their remake of the 1984 film about a boy who receives an adorable, exotic pet for Christmas, but quickly finds out that the breed transforms into a destructive creature if not fed and cared for strictly by the rules. "Dark Shadows" and "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" writer Seth Grahame-Smith will be co-producing the project, and the studio is currently searching for a director. Does this remake stand a chance for success, or will it become a total CG monstrosity?

'From Dusk Till Dawn' Will Become a Robert Rodriguez TV Series

The vampires of Robert Rodriguez's From "Dusk till Dawn" will live on in a television adaptation. The director is getting his own TV network, El Ray, and his 1996 cult flick—starring and written by Quentin Tarantino— is one of two shows ready for the small-screen treatment. We'd love to see Salma Hayek perform her sexy snake dance again or George Clooney, Tarantino, and Juliette Lewis destroying vamps once more, but the chances of that happening are less than zero. The good news is that Rodriguez is still involved and will surely give the fans what they want: sex, gore, and action. Are you excited to see what the filmmaker can get away with on network TV?

"Saw II" Director to Enter the World of Devil-Worshiping Cult

"Saw II," "Repo! the Genetic Opera," and "The Devil's Carnival" filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman will be directing the horror-thriller "Sacrilege." When a family reunites with their kidnapped and brainwashed son after three years apart, their lives are turned upside down when they realize the boy's time with a devil-worshiping cult has created a monster. No cast has been announced yet. Bousman called the script one of the most "intense and macabre" he's ever read, which is a big deal considering this is the same guy who directed three "Saw" movies.