William Shatner Has Some 'Star Wars' Suggestions For J.J. Abrams

Star Wars

Last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live, J.J. Abrams admitted that he and Michael Arndt have hit a bit of a wall while writing "Star Wars: Episode VII." The revelation of writer's block led Jimmy to suggest that Abrams listen to some helpful members of the audience that had ideas for what should be included in the next "Star Wars."

The general consensus was that Chewbacca and Princess Leia need to get it on, and if they aren't getting it on, the movie should only consist of Lando making sweet love in the galaxy.

The suggestions, of course, came from fanboys planted in the audience, Billy Dee Williams, and a red-faced William Shatner. Here's to hoping that Abrams actually listens to the fans and gives them what they want.

Watch the clip after the jump!

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens in theaters today, May 16.

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