'Arrested Development's' Tobias Fünke Wants You To Insert Him Anywhere

Arrested Development

The viral campaign for the new season of "Arrested Development" is picking up steam, and today Ron Howard tweeted out the sweetest morsel yet. Tobias Fünke has created a series of green screen videos for an internet audition tape.

According to the doctor-actor, these audition videos will give directors like James Cameron the opportunity to see him, like his acting, and simply insert Tobias anywhere that he pleases.

Check out the audition reel after the jump!

Be sure to check out his official site, where Tobias also shows off a few different characters like an action hero and a cowboy, so that he can be inserted in a wide variety of places. There's also an ad on the site for a juice company that Tobias did an ad for. ManGo juice is "like having a Mango in your mouth."

The new season of "Arrested Development" premieres all at once on Netflix on May 26.