'This Is The End' Featurette Includes More Emma Watson, Rihanna

"This Is The End" is shaping up to be one of the most insane movies of 2013, and also one of the ones we're most excited for. The cast of the film tease what craziness lie in wait for unsuspecting viewers in a new featurette for the movie.

"It's really a movie about the group dynamic between friends," Seth Rogen said. "But what it's really about is the end of the world happens and a bunch of friends barricade themselves in a house together, and then all their problems kind of come to the surface."

Rogen said that he has been intrigued by the idea of actors playing themselves in films, and James Franco was on board with the concept from the get-go. "I just felt like the character of James Franco would be just more interesting and less of a cartoon if he had that kind of affection for Seth," he said. Franco clarified, "I wouldn't say I'm like obsessed with Seth to the point that I make paintings to like win his love."

The featurette shows how some of the celebrity cameos will come into play before the apocalypse hits in "This Is The End." Emma Watson, for instance, calls Jay Baruchel out on being a hipster during Franco's house party, while Rihanna. Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse listen to Craig Robinson sing a song called, "Take Your Panties Off" (it's sweeter than it sounds).

Just don't think that "This Is The End" will stay close to the party-turned-apocalypse premise. Everything the cast has teased about the movie promises that we have no idea what we are in for.

"I think we realized as we were doing it that the more we pushed it, the more it worked," Rogen said. "The movie goes pretty far. I don't know if people expect it to go as far as it does. ... I think people will probably be surprised at what the actors have been willing to do in the movie. I have been anyways."

"This Is The End" hits theaters June 12.

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