'The Kings Of Summer' Exclusive Clip: Some Wontons Are Too Big For Nick Offerman

There are two things you should know about "The Kings of Summer," if you haven't already heard of it. First, back when it was called "Toy's House" at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, it was a huge crowd pleaser and one of the favorites of Park City.

Second, it stars some serious comedy talent that you might know from NBC's Thursday night line-up, including the awesome husband-wife duo of Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally from "Parks and Recreation" and Alison Brie from "Community."

In this exclusive clip from the film, which opens in theaters on May 31, Offerman and Brie play a father and daughter, who get some Chinese take-out. Much to the chagrin of Offerman's character, the wontons that come with the food are too big to eat, leading to a confrontation with the delivery man.

The preview gives you a quick look at the brand of humor working here and a better idea of why "The Kings of Summer" won over so many audience members at Sundance.

"The Kings of Summer" opens on May 31.