Exclusive 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Drops Spock Into The Heart Of A Volcano

Last night during "MTV First: Star Trek Into Darkness," we gave you an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming sci-fi adventure. If you weren't able to catch the clip when it premiered on MTV or you just want to experience the thrilling preview all over again, you can watch it now in the player below.

The clip comes from the film's action-packed opening sequences, where the crew of the Enterprise must descend into a ready-to-erupt volcano in order to save a planet's population.

When you're done checking out the clip, make sure to watch our entire 30-minute interview with J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto, during which they do their best impressions of each other and Quinto talks about the perils of his volcano suit.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens in theaters on May 16.