Tom Cruise Signs Up For 'Mission: Inevitable' AKA 'Mission: Impossible 5'

Mission Impossible 5

Not that this should come to as a surprise to anyone, but Tom Cruise wants to keep making movies. And his best bet right now is a little franchise enjoying a strong second wind called "Mission: Impossible." Since the fourth movie in the series, "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol," took over the world to the tune of $700 million, a fifth movie was inevitable. Now, according to Deadline, we can change "inevitable" to "happening."

Cruise has officially signed deals with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions to star in and produce a fifth "Mission: Impossible" movie. J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot will once again develop the movie with Cruise and a yet-to-be-named director.

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Around the time "Jack Reacher" was about to hit theaters last year, rumors began to circulate the director job belonged to Christopher McQuarrie if he chose to accept the mission. There hasn't been any update on that front, but Deadline is still hearing his name attached and expects an answer in the next few weeks.

Cruise has found moderate success outside of the "Mission: Impossible" franchise in recent years, but nothing has come close to his recent string of hits as Ethan Hunt. His last film "Oblivion" was far from a smash hit in the states, but it's world-wide total sits at a little over $220 million.

Before that, "Jack Reacher" did roughly the same amount of business, taking in $80 million in the U.S. and $136 million elsewhere.

There is no release tentative release date yet, but stay tuned in the coming weeks for further updates.