Exclusive 'Great Gatsby' Featurette Goes Behind The Jazz-Inspired And Star-Studded Soundtrack

The films of Australian director Baz Luhrmann are almost as well known for their unique use of music as they are for their frenetic visual style, and his latest film is no exception. To capture the excitement of Fitzgerald's Jazz Era in "The Great Gatsby," Luhrmann used a combination of musical stylings that include the age-defining genre, hip hop, and contemporary pop, all sung by some of today's biggest recording artists.

The way that Luhrmann went to all of these artists and musicians and involved them in the filmmaking process became like one big collaborative effort. An exclusive featurette about the production of the soundtrack explores how some of these songs came to be and what working on the album meant for the musicians.

The clip includes interview with artists like Jay-Z, Florence Welch, and the XX, all of whom explain what it was like working with Luhrmann, many saying that it was unlike anything they had done before.

Check out the featurette above. "The Great Gatsby" opens in theaters on Friday, May 10.