Channing Tatum Plays Dad And President Protector In 'White House Down' Trailer

White House Down

The second trailer for the second "White House in peril" movie, "White House Down," just premiered over at Yahoo! Movies, and unlike the first ominous preview, this actually plays to Channing Tatum's comedic chops and star power.

The trailer introduces us to Tatum's wannabe Secret Service agent, John Cale, just a normal guy who brings his daughter along to a job interview at the White House. Though the interview doesn't go as planned, a perfectly timed terrorist attack on Washington, D.C. gives John the opportunity to go full-on John McClane. Not only will he have to save his daughter, who has been taken hostage by the invading terrorists, but also protect the prez, played by Jamie Foxx.

Take a look at the new trailer for "White House Down" after the jump!

That's a lot funnier than the doom-and-gloom teaser we got a few weeks ago, right? It's hard to say where "White House Down" will fall on the action-comedy scale, but this preview certainly wants us to think this will be in line with Bruce Willis' "Die Hard" quips.

"White House Down" opens on June 28.

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