Six Things You Didn’t Know About Robert Downey Jr.

By Tara Fowler

How do you tell that summer is nigh? A new RDJ movie is on the way. In honor of the third entry in the Iron Man franchise (and hopefully not the last), here are six fun facts about Hollywood’s greatest comeback kid. Please note that if I could have listed “he’s awesome” for each and every one of these entries, I would have, but that a) would not have been especially professional and b) is hardly something you don’t already know about him. Read on!

1) He sings: And I don’t just mean for fun. Downey released an album titled “The Futurist” back in 2004. It debuted at an underwhelming 121 on Billboard’s albums chart, selling just 16,000 copies its first week. But forget the stats, judge for yourself with “Broken,” the second track off the album and the theme to Downey’s 2005 film “Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang”:

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