Lily Collins Brings 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' Back from the Dead

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The adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith's zombified take on Jane Austen's classic novel is showing signs of life again. "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," following Elizabeth Bennet as she copes with life and love and the undead, has changed hands a few times. David O. Russell, Mike White, and Craig Gillespie were all rumored to direct at one point. Russell wrote the screenplay, and Natalie Portman was rumored to star in the film, but last we heard, Portman is now producing under her Handsomecharlie Films banner.

The latest rumor involves "Igby Goes Down" director Burr Steers and "Mirror Mirror" actress Lily Collins. The star is currently in negotiations for the role, which we hope goes well since it seems like a match made for zombified England. What do you think?

Gemma Arterton Talks Vampires

Neil Jordan's "Byzantium" arrives stateside on June 28, and star Gemma Arterton wants to remind us that the movie contains vampires. She spoke to Total Film about her part in the bloodsucker story:

"I guess our film's kind of like the female version [of "Interview with the Vampire"] in some ways. Two vampires that live together. One that's the more reluctant vampire. Basically I'm Tom Cruise. Our film has this domestic side to it that's unusual. It feels like a sort of follow-up in a way. But also one of my favourite films is 'The Company of Wolves.' I feel like, because of the feminine aspects of it and imagery wise, it's in that vein. So to speak."

Saoirse Ronan, Caleb Landry Jones, Danny Mays, Jonny Lee Miller, Tom Hollander, Bradley James, and Sam Riley also star in the vamp flick about an undead mother (Arterton) and daughter (Ronan) on the run.

'Woman in Black' Sequel Starts Casting

Casting is underway for the Hammer Films' sequel to their 2012 blockbuster, "The Woman in Black." The follow-up to the company's chiller, "The Woman in Black: Angel of Death," will star "Warhorse's" Jeremy Irvine along with "Switch's" Phoebe Fox. The ghostly child-stealing story directed by Tom Harper will continue the saga four decades later. "Seized by the government during World War II, the sudden arrival of a group of evacuated children at Eel Marsh House awakens its darkest inhabitant." Daniel Radcliffe helped make Hammer's original tale the highest-grossing British horror film of the past 20 years. Can the company pull off a repeat performance?

Bond Girl Becomes Headmistress of a Vampire Academy

Do you want to see "Quantum of Solace's" Olga Kurylenko as the headmistress of a vampire academy? Of course you do. Deadline reported that the actress has been cast in "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters," an adaptation of the Richelle Mead young adult novel series (all six of them) that Mark Waters is directing. Kurylenko, who is currently starring in the recently released "Oblivion," will appear alongside Zoey Deutch ("Beautiful Creatures"), newcomer Lucy Fry, and Danila Kozlovski ("We Are from the Future"). Speak up if you've read the New York Times bestselling series. What are we in for?

Red Band Trailer for Eli Roth's 'Aftershock'

Eli Roth co-wrote, produced, and stars in Nicolás López's "Aftershock," which arrives in theaters next week. A red band trailer for the bloody disaster flick has popped up online. See what happens when an earthquake devastates American tourists on vacation in Chile who thought their night at an underground club would lead to other adventures. Earth-shattering horror is unleashed on May 10.