Daniel Radcliffe To Dive Deep Into 'Tokyo Vice'

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Daniel Radcliffe has found his next role, according to Deadline, and once again, he has picked something unlike anything that he's done before.

As the lead in "Tokyo Vice," Radcliffe will play real-life journalist Jake Adelstein, who risked his life to investigate the yakuza while working for a newspaper in Japan. The film's title and source material comes from the book that Adelstein wrote about his experiences covering the dangerous beat.

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"Tokyo Vice" adds another credit to a growing list of impressive upcoming projects for the "Harry Potter" alum. "Kill Your Darlings" pretty much killed at Sundance this year, with Radcliffe earning much of the praise himself.

He also recently wrapped on "The F Word" and "Horns," a fantastical thriller where he'll play a rock star who literally grows horns out of his forehead. Radclilffe is also attached to "Frankenstein," a new take on the Mary Shelley story from the writer of "Chronicle."