See The Softer Side Of Mark Wahlberg In Exclusive 'Broken City' Deleted Scene

There's something you need to know about Mark Wahlberg. He'll play a tough guy in movies like "Broken City," which hits Blu-ray and DVD today, but he can also have his more tender moments.

For example, in this exclusive deleted scene from "Broken City," Wahlberg has some quiet time with his girlfriend, played by Natalie Martinez. Her character, also named Natalie, has a film premiere that she needs to attend in L.A., but her New York-based beau, Wahlberg's Billy Taggart, doesn't want her to go alone.

It's just one of the quieter moments in what is otherwise big bang crime thriller, which also stars Russell Crowe as the mayor of NYC.

"Broken City" hits Blu-ray and DVD today, April 30.