'Pacific Rim' WonderCon Footage Destroys All Monsters

Pacific Rim

When the first trailer for "Pacific Rim" hit, there were essentially two kinds of reactions. There was the response from those familiar with Guillermo del Toro's work in movies like "Hellboy" and "Pan's Labyrith" who were looking forward to a new movie from the Mexican director after a number of false starts. Then there were those who thought "Pacific Rim" looked like a "Transformers" rip-off. (This group may or may not have included Michael Bay.)

But now the all-important second preview have debuted, coming in the form of the footage screened last month at WonderCon in Anaheim, and it leaves little doubt that "Pacific Rim" is anything but a "Transformers" clone.

There's so much awesomeness packed into two-and-a-half minute preview that we've listed the top five most badass moments.

Double Kaiju Attack

Where the first trailer focused primarily on the sheer size of the monster-fighting robots, the WonderCon footage balances out the equation. There are monsters on monsters in this new look at "Pacific Rim," leading up to the unsettling image of a kaiju doubl-team on a jaeger.

The Tumble

Everyone who complained about the crashing ship scene in "Prometheus," are you happy now?

Jaegers! In! Space!

One of the biggest insights that the second preview provides is the variety of venues "Pacific Rim" has for kaiju fights. We see jaegers wading into water and falling from sub-orbit.

The Boat-Bat

This exact image is what geeks were hoping for when the concept of "Pacific Rim" floated past them. We wanted del Toro to make it big and fun, and it doesn't get any bigger or more fun than a robot hitting a monster with a boat.

Robot Fist and Kaiju Sandwich

We're beyond words at this point.

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