Ryan Gosling In 'Only God Forgives' Clips: A Much Darker 'Drive'

Only God Forgives

The footage and images from Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling's second collaboration "Only God Forgives" that have started to trickle out ahead of a July 19 release in the U.S. have painted a picture in a much darker shade of neon than their first work together, "Drive."

Yes, Gosling will be back as the silent, violent type in a film shot in Refn's impeccable style, but as the first three clips (via The Playlist) from "Only God Forgives" demonstrate, this is a more violent, more psychosexual movie than "Drive" ever was.

Watch all three NSFW clips after the jump!

The first clip features the shot from the trailer that probably made you cringe the most. As he's sitting in a club, Gosling's Julian gets up without a word and beats the crap out of the two guys across from him, eventually dragging one of them down the hallway by his teeth.

The next clip introduces us to Julian's charming mother, the Thai-based drug lord Crystal. The matriarch is unimpressed by Julian's date and his lack of support after the death of his brother Billy, who apparently had a bigger penis.

The third clip focuses on Chang, the cop that drives the action of "Only God Forgives." When a hit on him goes wrong, he chases down his would-be assassins to dish out his own particular style of justice.

"Only God Forgives" opens in U.S. theater on July 19.

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