Chris Evans Creeps Hard In Exclusive 'Iceman' Clip

If you're familiar with the work of Michael Shannon at all, you know him as an actor who can go very, very dark when he needs to. The same cannot be said for Chris Evans, who's best known for donning the red, white, and blue for Captain America.

But if you have seen "The Iceman," the new true-life story of the country's most notorious hit man, you know a much different version of Evans.

In this exclusive clip from the upcoming movie, Shannon and Evans discuss different ways of killing targets and disposing of bodies. Evans, who plays the partner of Shannon's Richard Kuklinski, suggests using a powder that will be mistaken as a heart ache. "I don't have any friends, so it makes it easy," he says in the clip.

"The Iceman" opens in limited release on May 3.