'Arrested Development' Reunion Is 'Bigger' Than Jeffrey Tambor Anticipated

Four more weeks! That's all that's left before "Arrested Development" premieres on Netflix on May 26. The fifteen-episode fourth season has fans stoked, but unfortunately they will have to wait until the debut to know just what the Bluths are up to this time around.

"AD" star Jeffrey Tambor explained he must remain mum on the subject. "You think I can tell you? I can't. We have such a spoiler alert and I actually signed something, so I can't," he said, adding, "I really don't know and I'm not going to tell you. Just watch it, all fifteen."

He did, however, elaborate on his reaction to the fan-driven excitement for the show's long-delayed fourth season.

"It's bigger than I thought, but you know we've always been the little engine that could," he said. "I was the cheerleader. I had little pom poms and everything, a nice little skirt. You know, it changed my life. It wasn't hard to do. There was all these things about Michael [Cera not wanting to do it] and none of that is true. Everybody was excited. And the first night we all got back was a very interesting night. People were cheering. All nine of us got into a room that was a bit of a miracle. We were canceled and now we're back."

Once they did hit the set, it didn't take long to find the off-beat, kooky rhythm the show is famous for. "It took about 30 minutes and then it was there. And the scene was all nine of us and we were all very happy. It was great. I love those guys," he said. "[Fans will] be more than pleased. I was just talking to [Netflx's Chief Content Officer] Ted [Sarandos] and he said it just looks great. And I'll know; I'm going to see it in a couple weeks."