Could Channing Tatum And Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lead 'Guys And Dolls'?

The big movie musicals today are always looking for leading men and women who can be the triple threat that made Hollywood stars and starlets decades ago, but that kind of talent is a rare breed these days, expect for a few notable exceptions. Deadline is now reporting that 20th Century Fox has won the rights to the Broadway musical "Guys and Dolls," and they have two specific leading men in mind who fit that bill.

According to the report, the studio will pursue Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the lead roles of Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit, the roles Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra famously played in the 1955 adaptation of the musical.

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While this is simply Fox's ideal casting for a possible "Guys and Dolls" project, you have to admit that it's a really good idea. The two actors have never found their profile higher, and both have a certain set of skills that would be right at home in a musical.

Gordon-Levitt showed off his stage presence at this year's Oscars telecast when he performed "High Hopes" with host Seth MacFarlane and Daniel Radcliffe, a Broadway veteran himself.

Tatum doesn't have quite the singing voice of Gordon-Levitt—as far as we know—but the boy can dance. All he'll have to do is his "Magic Mike" routine while keeping his clothes on and he's got "Broadway star" written all over him.

We'll have to wait and see if this becomes anything more than a pipedream on Fox's part, but we bet you'll have your fingers crossed until then.