Zach Braff Wants YOU To Help Fund His Next Movie

Can you believe that "Garden State," Zach Braff's directorial debut is nearly ten years old? That's also nearly the amount of time that people have been asking for the next movie directed by the former "Scrubs" star. Today, Braff finally came to them with an answer, but in a way that's worth discussing.

We are now living in a post-"Veronica Mars: The Movie" world, and that means we're seeing the first wave of reactionary Kickstarters for independent films, Braff's sophomore effort, "Wish I Was Here," being among them.

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In the video embedded in the Kickstarter campaign page, Braff explains that he wants to make a spiritual sequel to "Garden State," about what it's like to be in your mid-30s as his previous film focused on his 20s.

"Wish I Was Here" tells the story of a struggling actor who decides to take over the education of his children and home school them when his aging father can no longer afford to foot the bill for their private education.

The film would involve elaborate fantasy sequences, where Braff would appear as a sword-wielding astronauts, as well as a sequence at San Diego Comic-Con. It's these aspects of the film, as well as final cut and cast choices, that Braff doesn't want to compromise on and yield the decisions to financiers.

Like the "Veronica Mars" campaign, Braff is seeking $2 million to fund "Wish I Was Here" and is offering a range of perks, including invites to online screens, work as a extra, and a speaking role in the film.

So far, the campaign has gained a good amount of steam in a short amount of time, so keep an eye on it the fundraising. This one might be over quickly.

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