Tom Cruise Likes To Go Fast In 'Jack Reacher' Featurette

When filming "Jack Reacher," Tom Cruise presented director Christopher McQuarrie with a unique problem. Most actors do not do their own stunt driving and therefore require stand-ins and crafty camera work to create the illusion that they do.

As we see in this exclusive featurette from the Best Buy edition of the "Jack Reacher" Blu-ray, Cruise required the opposite. Since the actor would be doing his own stunts, McQuarrie needed to create shots that would show off his actor behind the wheel.

The resulting chase sequence ended up looking like something we don't see a lot in movie anymore, where the shot hammers home the realness of the situation.

Learn all about it in the video above, and look for "Jack Reacher" on Blu-ray and DVD on May 7 and for digital download now!