Michael Bay Promises 'Transformers 4' Will Be Shorter

Transformers 4

If one of your complaints about "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" is that it ran way, way too long, then you're in luck with "Transformers 4." Michael Bay has confirmed that his new movie—and his last "Transformers" film for real this time—will run about half an hour shorter than the previous installment in the franchise.

"I designed two hours seven minutes, which I think is a good formula, which gives enough room to maneuver," he told Canadian website Canoë (via Comic Book Movie). As for why the other movies were so long, Bay explained, "In 'Transformers,' you tell three stories in one, that of humans, the aliens and the robots. Also, the films were released in the summer and for this reason have become events. You want to make sure to give the public value for money."

Fortunately he has learned that giving the public what they want isn't the same as oversaturating them. He also seems to have realized that if there's going to be a "Transformers" movie, he should be the one to make it—or at least kick off a new trilogy.

"The franchise was assigned to a new industry. This person would have to redraw the entire franchise, which is not an easy task," he said. Creating robots alone takes several months to complete. Also, I knew an inexperienced director does not succeed in convincing a superstar to accept a role. That's why I initially convinced Mark [Wahlberg] to play in the film, issue a good start."

So will he come back for a fifth "Transformers" movie? "I've thought about it," Bay said. "Transformers 4" is due in theaters on June 27, 2014.

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