Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young And Beautiful’ From ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Online

Apart from the stunning visuals presented in the previews for Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby” adaptation, viewers have fawned over the film’s stacked soundtrack, which includes original tracks from the likes of Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Florence Welch.

The song from controversial vocalist Lana Del Rey, “Young and Beautiful,” however, was featured prominently in the third trailer and instantly struck a chord with people looking forward to the film.

A series of snippets, previews, and teasers of the movie’s entire soundtrack have given us a little more for each of the songs, including “Young and Beautiful,” but now the full song is available to stream online (via Vulture).

Listen to the song after the jump!

“Young and Beautiful” falls very much in-line with what Lana Del Rey’s fans have come to expect from the 26-year-old singer. Soft and dreary vocals play over an epic backing, making it easy to see how this song would fit within the world of the decadent 1920s.

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