Disney Plans For One 'Star Wars' Movie Every Year Starting In 2015

Star Wars

We hope you're hungry for more "Star Wars," because word coming out of CinemaCon in Las Vegas is that Disney will be delivering a movie from a galaxy far, far away ever summer starting in 2015.

Disney announced (via ComingSoon) during their CinemaCon presentation indicates that once J.J. Abrams kicks things off with "Episode VII" in 2015, we can expect a new "Star Wars" movie every summer from then on. "Episodes VIII and IX" would, in theory, hit theaters in 2017 and 2019, with standalone movies playing in the even years between installments.

There's no word on what will happened once Disney and Lucasfilm runs out trilogy movies to make six years from now, but early rumors have suggested possible topics for those yet-to-be-announced standalone movies.

Entertainment Weekly reported that films following Boba Fett and young Han Solo were in the works, and Ain't It Cool News revealed a developing Yoda movie. One of the first rumors about a standalone movie came from Vulture, who said that Zack Snyder was developing a "Seven Samurai"-inspired "Star Wars" movie.

Simon Kinberg and "Empire Strikes Back" director Lawrence Kasdan are involved in standalone films, but we do not know the specifics around those films as of yet either.

Expect more information on the future of "Star Wars" in the coming months, especially with San Diego Comic-Con and D23 in the near future.

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