Watch The Cast Of 'Breaking Bad' In An Hour-Long Panel Discussion With Conan O'Brien

Breaking Bad

UPDATE: AMC just announced that "Breaking Bad" will reported on August 11.

Even as we enter the height of summer movie season, there are few film events that can compare to what's coming this summer on the small screen. When "Breaking Bad" returns for a final eight episodes, the world will finally know how the story of Walter White ends.

As a nice primer for the upcoming season, AMC has posted an hour-long panel discussion with the cast of "Breaking Bad" (minus Skylar) and creator Vince Gilligan with Conan O'Brien as the host.

The talk goes in-depth without getting specific on the final season and looks at how we all got here. It's definitely worth taking the time to check out, especially if you're jonesing for your next hit of the blue stuff.