Final 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer: A GIF Breakdown

Star Trek

The final trailer for "Star Trek Into Darkness" appeared online today over at Apple. If you haven't watched it five times, we suggest you go do so now.

This last preview featured a bunch of new footage and plenty of reasons to go watch the thing when it opens in theaters on May 17. As Simon Pegg put it, "If this doesn't convince you, nothing will."

Once you've watch the trailer, click past the jump to see a GIF breakdown of everything new in the preview.


Here's John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), and he looks like he's running from the scene of one of his attacks.


A branch new shot of the Starship Enterprise, looking spiffy and decidedly not blown up/crashing. Let's see if things stay that way.


Okay, so maybe the Enterprise is in for a beatdown from this bigger, darker Starfleet ship captained by Harrison.


Yes, definitely doesn't look good.


You better be sorry, Jim. This one's on you.


This is probably our best shot yet at the Abramsian Klingons right before they get their butts handed to them by Harrison.


Let the "Inception" comparisons begin!