Melissa McCarthy Isn't Strong Enough In This 'The Heat' Clip

Melissa McCarthy might be a good cop in "The Heat," but it doesn't seem like she has the best arm strength. In an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie that debuted during MTV Sneak Peek Week, McCarthy and Sandra Bullock's characters go a bit too far with their line of questioning during an investigation.

As movie cops are wont to do, McCarthy and Bullock decide to dangle a man they're trying to get information from a fire escape. They end up getting the info they need for their drug investigation, but fortunately for the man — and his car — they can't pull him back up. Instead, he falls, though his 2003 SUV manages to break his fall. He should feel lucky, right?

Sneak Peek Week isn't the only time fans will see McCarthy this week. She'll also be presenting at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, airing Sunday. "The Heat" is McCarthy's first collaboration with director Paul Feig since "Bridesmaids," and also stars Kaitlin Olson, Tony Hale and Demian Bichir. It's due in theaters on June 28.

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