Does Harrison Ford Even Want To Be In 'Star Wars'?

By Eddie Wright

While promoting the Jackie Robinson biopic "42," on last night's "Late Show with David Letterman," the perpetually aloof Harrison Ford fielded questions about his involvement in the J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Wars: Episode VII," and his response was pretty surprising.

After discussing just how many (of the dozen) "Star Wars" movies Ford has appeared in, Letterman asked the star, "Every time they make one, there's talk that you'll be in it..." To which Ford replied, "Yeah, but I was only in three. You follow what I'm saying?" Leading into the big question, "You don't want to be in another one?" After a beat, Ford said, "Well for a long time they didn't ask me. So imagine how I feel," adding, "So let's just let it..." with a shrug and a nod.

Sure, Ford is goofing around, as he always does with the late-night host, but I think his response is very telling about how much he cares for his involvement with future "Star Wars" installments. The man just couldn't give less of a crap. Fans might love to see him strap on the vest and low-slung holster again, but do we really want a grumpy, disconnected, miserable Han Solo? I, for one, think we should leave well enough alone, and go for a fresh and new cast of characters. Because if this is the guy facing down Greedo in the Cantina, there's no doubt who would shoot first, and who would leave his blaster on his dresser, along with his glasses and back pills.

Check out the clip from the "Late Show" right here: