Will Ferrell's Five Most Comedically Genius Moments

Will Ferrell

There is only one man who can accept the MTV Movie Awards' inaugural Comedic Genius Award. But he is a man of many names: Ricky Bobby, Frank the Tank, Alex Trebek and Mugatu, to name just a few. The one he's most often credited as is Will Ferrell, "Saturday Night Live" legend and star of such hits as "Anchorman" and the forthcoming "Anchorman: The Legend Continues."

Boiling down Ferrell's funniest moments to five is a nearly impossible challenge, but it's one we're happy to rise to. Get your jazz flutes ready and join us as we dive into the award winner's five most comedically genius moments.

5. The Tragic Fall of Mustafa: In which he is still alive ... just very, very badly burned.

4. Will's New Job: All kidding aside, if we don't get a Will Ferrell Security Guard movie sometime soon, then there is truly no reason for us to go on as a species.

3. Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions: Seriously, they don't.

2. Sky Rockets in Flight: And other assorted Ron Burgundy shenanigans, but if we have to choose just one, we'll take this stunning Starland Vocal Band cover.

Will Ferrell

1. Pretty Much Everything He Ever Did On SNL: Especially Gus Chiggins, pictured above. If you're not familiar with the coyote-fearing prospector, do yourself a favor and dig up Mr. Chiggins' unaired appearance. It's basically the best thing that's ever happened to anybody in the history of man.