'Jurassic Park 4': The Dinosaurs We Want To See


By Eddie Wright

On the eve of the 3-D release of "Jurassic Park," dinosaur expert, and consultant on the film, Jack Horner – and inspiration for Sam Neil's character – teased a tiny detail about the an as-of-yet-unseen dinosaur that'll make an appearance in the upcoming Colin Trevorrow-directed "Jurassic Park 4." He said:

"I can't actually tell you who that will be…But you'll want to keep the lights on after you see this movie."

So that got me thinking. What utterly terrifying dinosaur could pop up in the flick? We've seen the T-Rex, Velociraptors, and Dilophosaurus munch some human in the first film, "The Lost World" added the Compsognathus, and "Jurassic Park III" had a Pteranodon attack and introduced the audience to the big bad Spinosaurus. So which horrible, thunderous lizard is next? Let's take a guess.



Sure, this guy is similar to the heavily-featured Velociraptors in all three "Jurassic Park" movies, but the Utahraptor is different. For one, it's covered in feathers, so if you're a sufferer of Ornithophobia, this sucker will surely keep you up at night. Also, the claws on its feet could measure up to over 9 inches! That could certainly carve up some nice Goldblum if you ask me. If he's even in the movie.


Photo by: Patrick Janicek

Also known as SUPERCROC! No, not that awful schlock-fest from 2007, but a real deal giant, prehistoric crocodile! This baby was estimated to be around 40 feet long, weighed over 8 tons, and had a mouth full of flesh-tearing chompers. There hasn't been a whole lot of water-based carnage in the "JP" flicks thus far, so it'd be nice to see our heroes flee from good ol' SuperCroc.



Bigger than the T-Rex, smaller than the Spinosaurus, but with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth designed for one thing, cutting. The Giganotosaurus' teeth were 8 inches long and sliced through flesh, rather than smashing through bone, like the similar T-Rex. Also, this fella had a ginormous melon, prompting Jack Horner to observe, "It is certainly the largest meat eating dinosaur skull I have ever seen. I would agree that the skull has been reconstructed accurately and is bigger than our T. Rex skull."



Absolutely the most terrifying creature on this list. The Jeholopterus, looks like a winged beast from the depths of Hell and is theorized to be a VAMPIRE! It reportedly latches to its prey with claws, bites, and sucks the blood of fellow dinosaurs. I mean...man! Yes, the theories about the Jeholopterus are controversial, and probably untrue, but this is a movie we're talking about here, and if I were a betting man, I'd put down a few greenbacks on the Jeholopterus being the nightmarish dino Horner is referring to.



Image by: Karen Carr

Okay, not a dinosaur. And to be honest, this counts as more of a secret hope than actual theorizing. But hear me out. The Megalodon was a massive shark from the Cenozoic Era era that could swallow Jaws and all those smart sharks from that L.L. Cool J. movie in one gulp. Megalodon was around 60 feet long and had a mouth full of 7 inch serrated teeth. An adaptation of Steve Alten's killer Megalodon novel "Meg" has been in the works for ages, but looks like it'll never happen. And in the first pages of that book, Meg slurps down a T-Rex! Yup. The chances are slim for this gal to make an appearance, but you never know. Watching Jeff Goldblum (still don't know if he's in the movie) ride on the back of a GIANT great white shark sure would put some butts in seats, I say.

"Jurassic Park 3-D" is in theaters now.