Four Clips From 'Oblivion' Arrive Along With M83's Score


If you can't wait until April 19 to see "Oblivion," then the four new clips that have been released by Universal should be a good tease for you. They feature everything we've been dying to see in the movie: the Bubbleship, the Scavs and, of course, Tom Cruise.

The most interesting of the four clips is the second, which is when Cruise's Jack Harper sees Olga Kurylenko's character for the first time. As the third clip informs us, Jack has no memories from before his "mission" began, but he also for some reason recognizes the girl in the pod. Clearly there's a lot going on that he isn't clued in on.

Check out the four clips after the jump!

The final clip shows Jack finally coming face-to-face with Morgan Freeman's character, who is interrogating him. It's clear that Freeman's character knows a bit more about the world they inhabit than Jack does with his squeaky-clean memory.

If that's not enough "Oblivion" for you, then you should know that the film's entire M83-created soundtrack is available for streaming. You can check it out below — just don't let track titles like "Tech 49" or "Undimmed By Time Unbound" spoil you:

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