This ‘Evil Dead’ Featurette Is Gory And Delightful

As we get closer and closer to “Evil Dead’s” release date, the marketing for the movie keeps getting more and more horrifying. In case anyone was worried that this wouldn’t actually be “the most terrifying film you’ll ever experience,” a new featurette will calm your fears. Be warned, it is loaded with violence and terrifying imagery.

“I was watching TV at home and there was some interview that they were saying, ’Oh, they’re going to remake “Evil Dead,”’ and I was like, ’Who’s going to touch that classic? Poor bastard,'” director Fede Alvarez recalled in the new video. He added of how he approached the new project, “I really want every time I do something to shock them in a way, to provoke them, but it has to work for the people who never saw the original.”

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