'Fargo' TV Series Gets 10 Episodes On FX


FX's "Fargo" TV series is now a reality. The network announced during its 2013 Upfront that it has ordered a 10-episode limited series based on the Coen brothers movie.

Joel and Ethan Coen are already on board with the project and will be executive producing it. "The Unusuals'" Noah Hawley is writing the series, while Warren Littlefield is executive producing as well. "Fargo" will premiere on FX in spring 2014.

"For years, people have tried to adapt this Academy Award-winning gem into a TV series with no success,” FX's John Landgraf said during the announcement. "I have always loved Fargo and I was skeptical about this as a series, but Noah Hawley’s script made me a believer. This script is so good and so true to the tone of the original movie."

Don’t expect Frances McDormand, William H. Macy or any of the other stars of the 1996 film to return in this new project. It will feature a new cast of characters, but will reportedly stick to the same tone as the original. This is just the first of what FX hopes will be a whole slew of miniseries and limited series that will be airing on the network now that it's sent its comedy shows off onto a new sister channel called FXX.

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