Exclusive 'Easy Money' Clip: The New Crime Classic You May Not Know About

This past summer, a smash hit crime film opened in a handful of US cinemas with one of the hottest rises actors starring and the greatest directors of all time presenting it. Sound familiar?

At its widest in the US, "Easy Money" was screening in all of seven theaters, but make no mistake, this is a movie worth seeking out.

Originally release in its native Sweden in 2010, "Snabba Cash," as it was formerly titled, became an instant hit and spawned a sequel, with a third film out later this year, all starring future "Robocop" star Joel Kinnaman.

When "Snabba Cash" became "Easy Money" for its stateside release, Martin Scorsese attached his name as a presenter in order to attract more attention to the story of JW, a man trying to make it in the world by any means necessary.

For the DVD release of "Easy Money," we present an exclusive NSFW clip from the film. Check it out above and thank us later.