Sam Mendes Might Return To James Bond After All

James Bond

Sam Mendes might not be back for "Bond 24," but producer Barbara Broccoli is holding out hope that he'll never say never again. In a new interview, she and her fellow producer Michael G. Wilson said they think Mendes could return to the 007 franchise at some point in the future.

"We haven't given up hope. We'll get him back sometime," Broccoli said on the Empire Awards red carpet to Getty Images Entertainment (via /Film). "Maybe not for the next one... but hopefully we will get him back again."

Wilson added, "We hope that with all this success maybe he would have gotten inspired to come back."

Though their tone isn't entirely serious, they do seem to think that Mendes isn't done with the franchise for good. He echoed similar sentiments when the subject of future Bond movies was brought up at the same event.

"I’ve definitely left the door open for the possibility of Bond movies in the future, it’s just the next one, they need it, they need someone working on it now, for the next year, and then going into preproduction," Mendes said. "When you’ve just come off the back of a huge roller coaster of three years, as we have, it just felt a little bit too much."

So there you have it. Still no Mendes for "Bond 24," but maybe in the future. Considering how long it takes for 007 movies to be turned around, that could mean "Bond 25." Fingers crossed!

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