Exclusive 'Lincoln' Featurette: Turning The Monument Into A Man

One of the true pleasures of going to the movie theater this awards season was seeing an honestly unique portrait of Abraham Lincoln put onto the screen. It was nearly impossible not to respect the amount of care and thought Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis put into their painting of a man on the cusp of history in "Lincoln."

That's why MTV Movies Blog is proud to debut this exclusive clip from the Blu-ray and DVD of "Lincoln," which hit shelves today. From a featurette on the disc, the look behind the scenes explores what Spielberg and Day-Lewis wanted to achieve with their focus biography of the 16th president of the United States.

What interested Day-Lewis so much about the role that would eventually win him another Academy Award (and MTV Movie Awards nomination) was the dichotomy between Lincoln's public and private life. Spielberg, in working with screenwriter Tony Kushner, needed to find a moment in the president's political career where those two intersected, and he found that with the passing of the 13th amendment.

"Lincoln" hits Blu-ray and DVD today (3/26).