New 'World War Z' Trailer Still Doesn't Want To Talk Zombies

World War Z

We all know what zombies are, right? They either walk or sprint — depending on your preference — and in general, they tend to feed on the flesh of the living. That's a pretty basic definition of what was at one time in the last few years the trendiest of all movie monsters.

Ironically, all of the preview material for "World War Z," which is based on the book by famed zombie writer Max Brooks with the "Z" obviously standing for zombie, is seemingly trying to hide that those crazed hordes chasing after Brad Pitt and his family are something other than the reanimated corpses of the undead.

Let's say it all together: 'World War Z' is about zombies!!! That feels better.

Check out the new trailer after the jump!

"World War Z" opens on June 21.

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