'Olympus Has Fallen' Cast Share Their Own Personal Code Names

For those not already in the know, the "Olympus" in the movie title "Olympus Has Fallen" is the official code name for the White House. That being the case, MTV News sat down with the cast recently and simply had to ask them if they had their own code names.

They answered, and we graded them.

Angela Bassett is Code Name: Get Me Out of Here

It's not exactly the kind of badass code name we were going for, but we respect that Bassett is being true to herself with her moniker. B+

Aaron Eckhart is Code Name: Big John

For such an odd code name, we wonder why it was so easy for Eckhart to come up with it. Is his Big John on weekends? C-

Dylan McDermott is Code Name: Fortune Cookie

"You open him up, you never know what you get," Ricky Yune explains. That is what we're talking about. It's unexpected and has a deeper meaning. A

Ricky Yune is Code Name: Mr. Soothie

"You get a lot of sugar with his," quipped McDermott. Again, these two know how to dish out the nicknames, but we have to give the slight edge to Fortune Cookie. A-

Gerard Butler is Code Name: Dough Ball/Noble Savage

Well, which one is it, Gerard? Since you can't decide, we're going to consider your answer to be "Dough Ball Noble Savage," and that's completely random and terrible. D

Antoine Fuqua is Code Name: No Code

Hell, yes. That's a code name. A+

"Olympus Has Fallen" is in theaters now.