'Ninja Turtles' Gains 'Catching Fire' Star Alan Ritchson As Raphael

Alan Ritchson

Michael Bay is doing his best to assemble a dreamy cast for a movie that stars CGI turtles. It is being reported that "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" stud Alan Ritchson has joined the cast of Bay's upcoming "Ninja Turtles" as Raphael.

We get it... sort of. Ritchson needed to prove he was good with a dagger in "Catching Fire" in order to portray the character Gloss, and that skill will come into play with Raphael. As the teenage mutant ninja turtle wields twin sai, Ritchson needs to be able to use the weapons adeptly.

But beyond that, just what is Bay thinking? Outside his connection to the not-yet-released "Catching Fire," Ritchson is a relative unknown to fans of film. He did make a name for himself on television as Aquaman in "Smallville" and Thad Castle in "Blue Mountain State," but beyond that we don't really get what Bay is looking for in his leading men. Is it really just a turtle with a bod that girls will want to put up on their bedroom walls?

Maybe. Deadline broke the casting news and speculates that Bay will use performance capture to bring his turtles to life in "Ninja Turtles," so these will probably be the sexiest ninja turtles to date. The film has already cast Megan Fox as its female lead, assumedly as April O'Neil. The movie is due out on May 16, 2014.

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