'Oblivion' Featurette Shows The Creation Of The Bubbleship


Joseph Kosinski's "Oblivion" shows a new science fiction universe, and a recently released featurette for the movie highlights the creation of the movie's "Bubbleship" spaceship.

"The whole philosophy for the movie was to try to shoot everything in camera, so we decided it made sense to build a full scale version of the Bubbleship," Kosinski said in the video, adding that "Oblivion's" leading man had a big part in the ship's creation. "[Star Tom Cruise] had some input on the controls to make sure it felt as realistic as possible with the foot pedals and the control stick."

The Bubbleship has been a prominent part of the promotion for "Oblivion," and it's clear in the featurette that the crew is excited about bringing this new sci-fi technology to life. The video shows the ship being assembled, and then Cruise coming to see it for the first time. "This thing is cool," was his first reaction. Agreed.

"It's so beautifully designed," Cruise said. "Every piece of it is smooth and elegant."

It is nice to see that so much effort was put into making the Bubbleship seem as realistic as possible. Interestingly enough, it worked out that Cruise is a pilot and real life and his costar, Olga Kurylenko, is not, because that informed their characters. A never before seen clip is revealed at the end of the featurette that shows Kurylenko's Julia flying in the Bubbleship for the first time, and she looks as terrified as the actress allegedly felt while filming the scene.

"Oblivion" is due out on April 19.

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