'Buffy''s Oz And Dawn Lock Lips In Exclusive 'Sexy Evil Genius' Clip

If you've ever wanted to see Oz (the werewolf) and Dawn (the Key) from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" making out, then we've got something extra special for you!

If you're like us, you find the whole idea kind of distasteful. Even though Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg's stints on "Buffy" did not overlap, Oz and Dawn snogging just seems... wrong.

But we believe in Seth and Michelle and fully support their endeavors (we especially lament the fact that we might not get to see Seth's "Star Wars: Detours" for a long, long time). So let's try to put the icky feelings aside and enjoy this exclusive clip from the crime thriller "Sexy Evil Genius."

"Sexy Evil Genius," which also stars Katee Sackhoff, William Baldwin and Harold Perrineau, will be available on DVD, VOD and digital download on April 9th.