Ryan Gosling Puts Up His Dukes In 'Only God Forgives' Photos


It seems like we've been waiting since even before "Drive" stomped our collective heads to pulp for the next effort from Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn, "Only God Forgives." There was a small chance that the Thai kickboxing crime saga would make the fall festival circuit last year, but now we've got a fingers cross for a debut at Cannes in May.

Three new photos from Allocine (via The Film Stage) give us perhaps our best look yet at Gosling's character, the violent Julien, and our first glimpse at his crime boss mother, Jenna, played by Kristen Scott Thomas.

Assuming that Julien doesn't wear the same suit all of the time, other stills from the film have indicated which way the fight he's preparing for goes. (Hint: not well.)

Check out the other pictures from "Only God Forgives" after the jump!


According to Allocine, a trailer for "Only God Forgives" should drop within the next two weeks, since there's already a European release for the film scheduled in May. There was talk that the US would get it at roughly the same time, but a lack of promotional materials suggests otherwise.


The last time Refn and Gosling went to Cannes together, the director left with a prize for his work, and "Drive" generated a serious amount of pre-release buzz. Since it worked out so well for them last time, expect a repeat trip to the Croisette in May.

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