'Zero Dark Thirty' Blu-ray Exclusive: Kyle Chandler Is Pumped To Be In Movie

It's hard to watch a movie like "Zero Dark Thirty" and not think that would be such a cool movie to make. You get lost in the world of CIA analysts and Navy SEALs, but once you remember that it's actually a movie, you have to be impressed with the work going into the film.

To celebrate the release of "Zero Dark Thirty" on Blu-ray and DVD, we have an exclusive clip from the disc, in which some of the actors talk about their experiences making the movie.

Jason Clarke had the more reserved, intellectual answer that we'd hope to have if asked the same question about starring in the movie. "As an actor, we all want that opportunity to play a pertinent piece of work, something that is really about this world that we've all been to," he said.

Kyle Chandler, on the other hand, had the answer we'd probably give. "There's a certain amount of 'Damn, I was a part of that.'"

"Zero Dark Thirty" is now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download.