Brad Bird Would Have Made 'Return Of The Jedi' Better

Return of the Jedi

Wouldn't it have been cool if Brad Bird was the director for "Star Wars: Episode VII"? It all seemed too perfect. He's a guy who can handle genre material with care and blow up stories on a huge scale. Plus, he already worked extensively with Disney.

But now that we have J.J. Abrams, we're only left with the pain of "what if"s, and this new Patton Oswalt interview from Esquire certainly isn't helping.

In the interview (via Vulture), Oswalt explains how Brad Bird would have changed "Return of the Jedi." That's sacred ground Bird's treading on, we know, but hear him out. It's a really smart idea.

I was talking with [director] Brad Bird one time, and he said it's like the beginning of Return of the Jedi. Luke shows up and he's a badass. He said they should've opened it with Luke in the swamp saying to Yoda, "You said 'Don't go.' I said 'F--- you, I'm gonna go help my friends.' I went and got my hand cut off and my friends are in even worse trouble because of what I did. I f---ed up everything." And then Yoda should have gone, "Now you're a Jedi. Now you're beyond the fear of failure. Now you're ready." That would have made it even cooler.

Yeah, that would have been way cooler.

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