'Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters' Getting A Sequel

Hansel and Gretel

"Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" will be fighting the good fight for another day. A sequel for the movie is being developed, and the announcement comes less than two months after the Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner-starring film hit theaters.

Deadline has the news, and credits the movie's global box office success as a main reason that a follow up is being made. MGM and Paramount have reportedly confirmed that a sequel is being worked on, with Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Kevin Messick and Beau Flynn expected to return as producers.

But what about the mains stars, or director Tommy Wirkola? The Deadline article does not mention whether they are contracted to return for another movie. The two talented leads definitely helped make the movie, and it is hard to picture a sequel working quite as well without the same Hansel and Gretel.

Also, will the duo of mercenaries move on to different supernatural creatures now that they have hunted their witch? Maybe vampires, or ghosts, or other creatures that go bump in the night? Whatever they do, at least Arterton and Renner -- or whoever else takes over -- will know how to do it as badasses.

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