What Young Ryan Gosling Taught Us In Cornwall, Ontario

Ryan Gosling

The early days of Ryan Gosling have been making internet gold ever since the actor blew up. We could watch him stomp a guy's head to mush in "Drive" and the next minute cue up a YouTube video of him singing on "The Mickey Mouse Club" with Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez.

But thanks to The Playlist, we've stumbled across a new video of the Gos from "The Mickey Mouse Club" where he takes us on a tour of his hometown Cornwall, Ontario.

The trip is full of fun, surprises, and most importantly, lessons to learn. We figured that with so much truth coming at us from a pint-size Gosling, a cheat sheet would be helpful, so this is everything we learned on our trip to Cornwall.

You can jump from the US to Canada.

The dude can drum.

Smidgens is the best.

The 90s were weird at times.

It's a good thing Ryan stuck with acting.

He has no problem dancing in the burnt ruins of a cathedral.