Keanu Goes To "Mars" With Steven Seagal, Or Something: That's A Wrap!

Bill and ted

By Amelia Mularz

Grab your Beanie Babies and throw on a scrunchie, everything about this week seemed obsessively stuck in a bygone era. Steven Seagal made the news, Alex Winter and Keeanu Reeves (yes, Bill & Ted) both resurfaced, and we discovered that fans want to resurrect a past TV show (in movie form) so badly that they'll pay millions for it. Literally. Ah, the good old days...

» Yep, it turns out the best way to make a movie these days is to hold an old fashioned fundraiser. When Rob Thomas, creator of cult classic "Veronica Mars," told fans they'd get a movie version of their beloved TV show if they could raise $2 million in a month, fans dug deep into their pockets. They hit their mark before the day ended and as of yesterday, the total has reached over $3 million. Now the wheels are spinning in every Hollywood bigwig's brain. It shouldn't be long before we see a Warner Brothers bake sale and a Paramount chili cook-off.

» Speaking of blasts from the past, Keanu Reeves popped up this week in a trailer for his new movie Generation Um..." In the preview, he discusses sex with 20-somethings and eats a cupcake (hey, total rip-off of "Girls"). Also, Keanu's old pal Alex Winter stopped by SXSW and promised that a "Bill & Ted 3" is in the works. Confirmation that one of the most "excellent" movie franchises of all time will return and a new pope all in the same week? Clearly this is a sign from above.

» Another fan of 80s/90s flicks, Russian president Vladimir Putin was spotted Wednesday getting chummy with Steven Seagal. The two buds had lunch and later went to a judo competition in Moscow. Next thing we know, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will attend a WWE wrestling match with Dolph Lundgren, or 90s b-ball superstar Dennis Rodman will hang with Kim Jong-un. Oh wait...

» While he doesn't sport green hair like "The Worm," Al Pacino does have a thing for wigs. He's been promoting his upcoming HBO biopic about Phil Spector, another notorious figure from yesteryear, and discussing his many artificial coifs in the film. "Wigs are okay," he said in an interview earlier this week. A man of few words, but certainly one who appreciates a weave—we can respect that.

And that's a wrap!