Keanu Goes To “Mars” With Steven Seagal, Or Something: That’s A Wrap!

By Amelia Mularz

Grab your Beanie Babies and throw on a scrunchie, everything about this week seemed obsessively stuck in a bygone era. Steven Seagal made the news, Alex Winter and Keeanu Reeves (yes, Bill & Ted) both resurfaced, and we discovered that fans want to resurrect a past TV show (in movie form) so badly that they’ll pay millions for it. Literally. Ah, the good old days…

» Yep, it turns out the best way to make a movie these days is to hold an old fashioned fundraiser. When Rob Thomas, creator of cult classic “Veronica Mars,” told fans they’d get a movie version of their beloved TV show if they could raise $2 million in a month, fans dug deep into their pockets. They hit their mark before the day ended and as of yesterday, the total has reached over $3 million. Now the wheels are spinning in every Hollywood bigwig’s brain. It shouldn’t be long before we see a Warner Brothers bake sale and a Paramount chili cook-off.

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