Full-Length 'Hannibal' Trailer Gets: NBC Hopes You Enjoy Gore

For the past decade or so, primetime TV has been a place where you can see horrific acts of violence at 9/8 CT, yet none of the "CSI"s, "NCIS"s, or "SVU"s can hold a candle to the kind of blood-and-guts horrors on display in the first full-length trailer for Bryan Fuller's "Hannibal."

The project has drawn a great deal of interest from the very beginning for a number of reasons. Fuller has dealt mainly in cult-beloved series with short lifespans, and the monstrous character Hannibal Lecter has always drawn attention from the morbidly curious, anticipating their next bite.

Now a full-length trailer from NBC (via EW) has given the fans and internet comments another talking point. The preview does not pull many punches when depicting the bloody murders that Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy, investigates.

Check out the trailer above, but be aware, it is very NSFW.