Five Things You Didn’t Know About Magicians

By Tara Fowler

The “Incredible Burt Wonderstone” conjures itself into theaters this Friday. Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi star as two Vegas magicians who must team up to take on a new breed of illusionist: a street performer played by Jim Carrey. In honor of this new feature (which will find itself dueling a wizard at the box office this weekend), we combed the Internet for five interesting facts you may not know about one of the world’s most elusive arts.

1) Prince Charles is a trained stage magician: The Prince of Wales is a member of Britain’s Magic Circle, having gained entrance in 1975 after performing the famous Cups and Balls trick. Other famous members include Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield, and Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon.

2) At least 12 magicians have died as a result of attempting the Bullet Catch: Luckily one of them wasn’t Christian Bale. In all seriousness, however, this trick, which involves a bullet being shot at the performer, is one of the deadliest of all. The best-documented death was that of Chung Lung Soo, an American magician who attempted the feat on stage in March 1918, only to be shot dead. Rumors still persist that his death was in fact a murder by a rival magician.

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