The Steve Carell - Jim Carrey Rivalry Begins In This 'Burt Wonderstone' Clip

After getting Up Close and personal with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, Steve Carell and Jim Carrey presented an exclusive clip from their new movie as a part of "MTV First: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone."

The comedy, which opens in theaters on Friday (3/15), tells the story of rival magicians — one old-school, the other a Criss Angel-style street performer — who duke it out for a highly competitive gig. In this exclusive clip, we see the beginnings of the rivalry.

After watching Carrey's Steve Gray perform an illusion, Carell's Burt tries speaking with him about coming to a future performance of his own. Gray responds in a not-too-grateful manner.

Check out the exclusive clip from "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" above!